Does consuming Ambien cause snoring?

Ambien cause snoringAmbien is an effective sleep inducing medication that can be taken by patients if they want to fall asleep as well as to maintain it. The insomnia patients find this drug to be a heaven for sure. However, the snoring that occurs in a person would never be tolerated by others.

Does everyone who consume Ambien snore?

There are so many ill effects that are triggered while on the treatment and snoring is one among them. It is not sure that everyone who takes Ambien would snore. There are chances that they might or they might not.
Only when you take the pills it is possible to identify the side effects that happen in you. But, the effectiveness that you get from Ambien is worth for sure.

Why snoring happens while taking Ambien?

There is not much evidence on why snoring occurs while taking Ambien but the patients who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) would generally snore high. This might also be increased while they are in the treatment of Ambien medication. There are also few cases who say that they do not snore at night. So this completely depends on the individuals’ body and how the body reacts to Ambien medication.

What should you do when you start to snore while taking Ambien?

If you do not have a habit of snoring but then you developed it only after taking Ambien pills then you have to check with the healthcare professional. Snoring is caused due to an underlying issue and it is a must to know about what causes it. Since this is a side effect that is caused by the medication you should definitely consult the doctor if it persists for a longer period of time.

Can you stop taking Ambien pills immediately if you developed snoring?

Even if you developed snoring and you have decided to stop taking the pills it is a must that you should not do it immediately. Abruptly halting the pills would make you to suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms. In fact, the sleep issues that you experience would become very much severe than before and put you in stress. There is nothing wrong in stopping the treatment however it is a must that you have to do it in a proper manner. Firstly, you have to taper off the medication. This means reducing the dosage strength week by week. After this is done, your doctor would tell you to halt the therapy. Once you have stopped taking Ambien pills there are high chances that you would not snore again. It is a must that you have to check about this with your healthcare professional.

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