Natural ways to fix your snoring problem

Snoring is a condition that affects almost half of the population irrespective of the age and gender. However, women are less likely to experience this problem compared to men. Many people tend to ignore it even though they are constantly nagged and bullied about it especially when they spend a night with a group of friends or at family gatherings. Snoring can be regular, which happens every time one goes to sleep or occasional, surfacing only at certain times. Whatever the frequency of the snoring is, it needs serious attention to it is not only an indication of your own health but also causes a great disturbance to your partner’s sleep.

Snoring basically happens because of the narrowing or blockage of the airway passage either at the throat, mouth or nose. Due to this narrowing action, the air that passes from nose to lungs causes a vibration in the tissues of the airway. Snoring happens during sleep because at that time the muscle of the throat cannot hold the tissue back thereby resulting in relaxed and soft tissues, the relaxation of which impedes the flow of air. The severity of snoring increases with age. You might be tempted to try all the new sprays and pills available in the market to treat your condition. However, they must be exercised with caution after consulting a healthcare professional. As an initial remedy, try the below behavioral changes by which the snoring can be controlled.

Adjust your sleep position

Adjust your sleep positionExperts suggest that by making few modifications in the sleeping position, the snoring can be controlled to manageable levels. While sleeping on the side the relaxation of the tissues in the throat can be minimized when compared to sleeping on the back. Below are some tips to continue sleeping on your side the whole night.

  • When you sleep on the side, place a heavy pillow behind you to prevent you from turning over.
  • Use a suitable pillow that provides sound sleep in the side position.
  • You can bring a change in your sleep positions with persistence. Whenever you catch yourself sleeping on your back roll towards your side.

Refrain from consuming alcohol

say no to alcoholAlcohol is known to be the main factor in inducing snoring. So limit your consumption of alcohol to notice changes in your snoring levels. The daily alcohol intake limit for men and women is 4 and 3 units respectively. Not just alcohol but consumption of other tranquilizers should be restricted. These substances depress the central nervous system leading to relaxation of the muscles all over the body including the throat and mouth, which promotes snoring. Curb these habits and see if your snoring problem subsides.

Practice good sleeping methods

Taking some precautions to ensure a restful sleep can come a long way in restoring your health and reducing your snoring problem.

  • Take a warm bath before heading to bed. This also ensures that your nasal passage is not congested.
  • Regulate your sleep patterns. Poor sleeping habits can cause you to be more tired and lead to weaker muscles which in turn provokes snoring.
  • Make comfortable sleep arrangements such as quiet and dark room, comfy bed and pillow etc.