Is Ordering Zolpidem Online Safe?

 ordering zolpidem online safelyYes, ordering Zolpidem online can be safe. Zolpidem is a ‘hypnotic’ drug and can be quite potent. Hence there are many sellers online who take advantage of people who want to buy Zolpidem without prescription.

Buying drugs online should not be taken as lightly as buying clothes or books online. It is important that for the sake of saving a little money we do not put our health and wellbeing at risk.

Be aware of the Risks while ordering Zolpidem:

A lot of fake online pharmacies are out there which sell Zolpidem at very cheap prices. These rogue online stores can sell products which can be spurious in nature owing to any of the following reasons:

  • The Zolpidem has an incorrect composition of Ambien, the key ingredient. This will be ineffective in treating your condition
  • The medication does not contain Ambien at all
  • Contains harmful or incorrect ingredients
  • Drugs might be outdated with the date of expiry changed on the package

Even if the Zolpidem from the online pharmacy is genuine, in case it isn’t licensed and approved, there is no guarantee on the storage and transport conditions of the medication. Zolpidem stored incorrectly can vastly vary in composition and properties rendering the drug ineffective or harmful to the consumer. This could also have dangerous interactions with other medication the consumer is on and cause side effects or allergic reactions.

Additionally, when ordering from these fake websites you are inadvertently giving them access to your personal information including credit card details. These sites can misuse this information by infecting your computer with viruses or sell your personal information to other Internet scam websites.

How can you protect yourself?

The first step towards ordering Zolpidem online safely is to identify genuine online pharmacies. All authentic pharmacies within the United States of America will have FDA approval. In ideal cases, these websites will also carry a VIPPS stamp which implies licensed from NABS. You can visit the VIPPS home page,, for the list of all approved online pharmacies.

Be aware of pharmacies that promise to deliver drugs without a prescription. This is usually a sign of scamming websites. Even if the website claims of having an online doctor to prescribe the medication, there is still chance that the website is fraudulent.

It is little more difficult to vet online pharmacies outside the USA. A lot of them have Canadian flags displayed but have little or no relation to Canada. These websites should not be used as there is a high chance of being scammed.

The US FDA offers the following 5 tips for buy Zolpidem online:

  • The online pharmacy requires a genuine doctor’s prescription for Zolpidem
  • The website provides a physical address along with a street number and phone number
  • An online licensed pharmacist must be available to answer your questions
  • The website has a license with the state board of pharmacy.

Be sure not to be swayed by various marketing techniques which are designed to hoodwink the customer and hide important information. Spam emails containing subjects like “buy Zolpidem cheap” are most probably sent from inauthentic websites. Always read the fine print before making any order.