Zolpidem sold by the Trade name of Ambien, the drug commonly used for treating trouble sleeping. Since the sedative properties have hypnotic effects make the medication seem to like to benzodiazepines, but it is not a benzodiazepine. Considering the potent of the Zolpidem, healthcare professionals are majorly prescribing this drug for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The working mechanism of Zolpidem

Zolpidem is a hypnotic and fast-acting medication, the drug affects the central nervous system to enhance the GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) receptors in the brain. As a result, the GABA gradually relaxing the brain activities and produces the drowsy effect to promote sleep. The drug starts to sedate within 15 minutes of consuming it and last in your body for 3 to 4 hours.

Types of Zolpidem dosages

Zolpidem is available in tow major formulations, one is the immediate-release version in terms of Ambien, and another one is the extended-release version in terms of Ambien CR.

Immediate-release tablets

The dosage strength and appearance of the immediate-release tablet (IR) are 5mg as a pink capsule-shaped pill and 10 mg as a white capsule-shaped pill. The forms of IR include zolpimist, edular, intermezzo, and Ambien. The IR version starts to work in your bloodstream within fifteen minutes after the intake, and the half-life of the drug is 3 hours.

Extended-release tablets

The dosage and appearance of the extended-release tablets are 6.25 mg as a pink round pill and 12.5 mg as a blue round pill. It is a controlled-release pill, means the tablet gradually release into the bloodstream after the intake, and the half-life of the tablet is prolonged.

Individuals can take extended-release tablets when you experience ineffective result with Immediate-release or else according to your requirement.

The proper way of Zolpidem usage

Zolpidem pills should be administrated by mouth with water and the oral spray has to spray over the tongue. If you are supposed to take other formulations of Zolpidem, follow the direction mentioned on the label or ask the pharmacist. The drug has to take before bedtime only once per day. Always try to avoid a heavy meal before the drug intake because which may lessen the effect of the medication. Use Zolpidem exactly as prescribed and if you have doubt, ask your doctor or medical practitioner to explain it.

Do not share this sleeping pill with anyone, especially a person with a history of drug addiction. Store the drug at room temperature, avoid moisture, light, and heat. Do not chew, crush or break the tablets, swallow the whole tablet with water because crush and chew expose the total effect of the drug in a short span. As a result, you may experience the overdose, coma, or sometimes death.

Zolpidem is highly recommended for short-term use due to the addiction and abuse nature so never longer or extends the treatment without the supervision of the doctor.

Learn about the Zolpidem interaction with other medications

Likelihood other drugs, Zolpidem will make an interaction with other medication and cause problems like slow your breath and causes some dangerous effects. Hence during the treatment avoid the following medications such as narcotic pain, prescribed cough drugs, sleeping pills, and depressions tablets. However, this is not the entire list of the medication so ask your doctor during the consultation.

Side effects of Zolpidem

Zolpidem is sleep pill available by prescription-only due to the serious effects of the drug. In fact, intake of larger or higher dosage cause hypertension, rapid heart rate, fatigue, pain, suicidal behavior, blood clot formation, enteritis, ear infections, pain in the muscle, vision changes, urinary infections, and acne.

The mostly experienced normal side effect symptoms are lack of balance, dry mouth, drowsiness, daytime tired, nausea, slipped disk, palpitations, and headache.